Botecchi, in Valenza since 1966

Since 1966 in Valenza a vast assortment of components for goldsmiths and jewellery

It all began in 1966, when Ivo, an expert goldsmith and jeweler from Valenza, founded the Botecchi Ivo company, now renowned for the creation of semi-finished products and components serving the world of goldsmithing and jewellery.

He has always been supported by his wife Maria, who together with him creates a great project that sees the Valencian goldsmith tradition as protagonist.

Passion travels beyond time, reaching the new generations of the Botecchi family, which maintains high values and the greatness of its name: today at Ivo's side are her daughter Roberta and her husband Marco, who make it possible to preserve a solid identity and they cultivate a profession whose prestige is known nationally and internationally.

“We are grateful to our collaborators, who welcomed the goldsmith's art that Ivo managed to pass on, thus encouraging human growth first and then professional growth.

Over the years, the range of our production has been constantly updated and adapted to the requests of each customer, personalizing requests and needs; In addition to the standard creations, displayed in our catalogue, we also dedicate ourselves to the production of niche series upon specific request or design, following precise processing steps, including moulding, shearing, coining, processing with lathes and controlled lathes. numeric. Tradition joins cutting-edge technology with the introduction of specialized machinery to make all production phases easier.

We make an important commitment to the environmental well-being of our country, for which we follow high eco-sustainability criteria, through the use of solar panels, water recycling devices and purifiers;

The meticulous organization of each process and the inclusion of high quality standards, with RJC CoP and CoC certifications ensures us the high regard of our customers, among whom we include the most important names in the world of jewellery."